Clothes search engine

Shaku clothing search engine detects all the features of the garment and provides a list of similar products in the online stores. These products are collected from stores such as Asos, Zara, and H&M, as well as smaller online stores.

Size calculation

Buying the wrong-size garments is one of the most common problems in online shopping, but knowing the exact size of different parts of the body makes it so much easier.

try on

By using virtual reality (VR) online shoppers can try on any clothes online and find what suits them best.

Meta ByPass

Meta ByPass


Our AI-based service is easy to use; just by calling our API and getting a token in response, you will be able to solve any types of Recaptcha such as Recaptcha v2, Recaptcha v2 callback, Recaptcha v2 invisible; and Recaptcha v3.

Text-based captcha

Our service for solving Text-based captchas is AI-based with less than 300ms API response time. We can customize our service based on your needs to increase accuracy for solving complex captchas as you send us your captcha samples.



Development tools

We provide tools for data preparation such as annotation images and auto labeling which helps developers build their neural network..

pre-built server configurations for AI developers

Our pre-built virtual server configurations for AI-based applications are designed to meet your product requirements. We help you with your struggles with deploying a server for your applications by providing full support from our team.


VeneshCDN is produced by our team to protect, balance, and provide fast internet with built-in DNS service, load balancer, and a plan for DDOS protection. Our load balancer is able to distribute traffic between servers with the desired algorithm, in addition to guiding it to the most available and responsive server to improve performance and availability.

Human challenges to security

Our security methods such as captcha, and Vcaptcha will help you to protect your website, application, or product from attackers and robots.


Our portable physical device makes it possible to connect to your local network from anywhere with secure encryption.



Face recognition

In addition to iris and fingerprint detection, facial recognition technology can play an essential role in this field. Also, combined with ID cards, it can verify that the person sending the information matches the ID provided. This service provides reliable performance in different lighting conditions and responds well to low-quality cameras.

Liveness detection

Detecting fraudsters is another service Venify provides. Venify figure out the person in the video is who they claim to be. Also, this service includes most liveness detection methods (active and passive) and users can customize it. Active methods like smiling, head movement, blink Passive methods like lightning, frame noise, repetitive patterns